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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 14, Issue 51

I don't actually have a rain barrel at this point. I'm just getting started and looking for a reservoir (50-100 gallon capacity range) that is easy to find locally, safe and cheap... a rain barrel seemed like it might work really well, would probably be easy to find locally and convenient since you can get them already plumbed with a bottom drain... what about other plastic trashcans, would they work?

My real question is whether one of these things is likely to leach chemicals into the water... is there a particular type of plastic I should try to get/try to avoid?

Otherwise, any recommendations for a reservoir (and where to get it)? I live in the city (San Francisco Bay Area) so it would need to be commonly available. I'll check the local hardware stores for food grade plastic barrels (will they be specifically marked as "food grade"?).

I've tried web searches... but if you don't know what to search for... it is often hard to find ;-)



John wrote:

Not sure what your rain barrel is like, but you can
sometimes find food grade plastic barrels at feed and
tack or hardware stores.  30-55 gallon. $18-40 if
available.  I usually test newly cleaned barrels with
excess guppies or mosquitofish and see if they
survive.  -John

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