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[APD] Continuous Water change system

Okay... here's my plan so far, would welcome suggestions to help improve it...

main tank 60 gallons (counting water in sump)

reservoir tank - 50 - 100 gallon range (the larger the better)
current plan to fill reservoir with my python (or garden hose)
long-term option might be to plumb to house water with filter to remove chloramines

gravity fed drip from higher elevation reservoir to main tank
   will have a valve to adjust flow rate
   flow set sufficient to drain reservoir on weekly basis

PVC flow-through siphon from main tank (see description) at
I might have more than one siphon for redundancy
(don't want 100 gallons of water on the floor)
Long-term, I might consider directing overflow through several smaller
aquariums as well before going to garden
Overflow drains to gravity fed system watering backyard plants (downhill from tank)
current thought is to drain to another rain barrel which would supply water pressure for soaker hoses.
if outside barrel overflows it doesn't matter.

Ferts/chemicals would be dosed to reservoir tank

Obviously I don't want water over the floor... any feedback to improve?


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