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[APD] PO4 Source Tom Barr


What source of PO4 do you use?

I currently am dosing on a 55 GAL tank and a 20 GAL tank. 

SeaChem Flourish
SeaChem Iron
and recently added CO2 system. (Only on the 55GAL Tank/the reactor you made works great!)

I recently came across one of your posts on the KRIB that stated.

"I add every 2-3 days the following: KNO3, PO4 source, and a trace mix(TMG,
SeaChem flourish etc)."

I just wondered the PO4 you are talking about is not KH2PO4 and if it is something different am I not dosing everything the plants need?  Thank you in advance for your insights and your commitment to the planted aquaria community.

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