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[APD] Re: Co2 tank (otherwise known as I can't take it anymore)

Valerie - Saw your APD post on pressurized co2.

Yes that Milwaukee on e-bay plus a co2 tank will work,  but you can beat that e-bay price!

Tanks - What you state seems to be a fair price for a 20# tank.  I think most people go with 5# ones or maybe 10#.  20# tank is pretty heavy!!  My 5# tank serves one 55 gallon tank and lasts 7-8 months.  But be sure to shop around locally - fire extinguisher shops, welding supply, pressurized gas places.  Pricing seems to vary CONSIDERABLY.

Also find out if the refill place will refill YOUR tank or exchange.  Important to know before you invest in a NEW tank or one of those nice looking aluminum tanks.

Also be sure you know where the tank will be placed.  If under a tank, measure carefully!

Regulators.  Recently the all-in-one regulators have come down in price.  JBJ and Milwaukee make them.  Almost identical capabilities except the JBJ has a fixed output pressure and the Milwaukee is variable.  One has a built in check valve - forget which.  In my opinion the solenoid is not needed, but since it comes with the unit, you can plug it into your tank light timer to turn off the co2 when the lights go off.  I think I saw an advertisement for the Milwaukee recently for $53 or so.

Nice thing about the all-in-one is they come with the needed needle valve, that I am told is quite serviceable.

But you may be able to save a few bucks if you forgo the solenoid valve and buy a separate regulator and needle valve.  All depends on current pricing. (probably only applies when the all-in one pricing is in the $70-80 range)

For LOTS of info on pressurized CO2, take a look at my web site.

Bob Alston

BobAlston9 at AOL_com

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