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[APD] Good needle valve?

I'm on the lookout for a good needle valve. I currently
have the CO-CA 101MFB shown here:


I'm not happy with that valve. It goes from zero bubbles per
second to about 20 bubbles per second by turning the knob
by a fraction of a millimeter. (In other words, that valve is
useless.) Moreover, it loses its setting as the heat from the
solenoid warms it up a little, so it often ends up permanently
closing itself :-(

I'd like to find something that will get me decent control.
I don't need anything too fancy. I just want to be able to
set the flow at, say, between two and eight bubbles per
second. The important thing is that the valve should hold
its setting.



Michi Henning              Ph: +61 4 1118-2700
ZeroC, Inc.                http://www.zeroc.com

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