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[APD] BGA, antibiotics, and cloudy water

I always seem to have a question...
I have just completed an antibiotic treatment for BGA (I didn't know what
else to do as pH is somewhat acidic, phosphates non-existant, and Nitrates
extremely scarce, too).  I used Maracyn.  By day 4 of the treatment the
water had begun to turn cloudy and now, the final day, it is quite hazy.
It's not green, either.  All I can think is two possibilities, but I want to
double check to be sure: either it's

A) just dead BGA (though it doesn't look like BGA, whatever that means, and
my other tank didn't have this problem), or

B) it's a bacterial bloom.  This, of course, strikes me as odd as the
antibiotic treatment is not quite over.

I've read that blooms should be monitored, but left alone as they are
indicative of a recycling and will sort themselves out.  Of course, I've
learned not to trust everything I read, and this one has me a bit puzzled.

Any thoughts?

Ben H.

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