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[APD] Re: id please - maybe a winner???

I think that the one plant is indeed Aponogeton ulvaceous or a hybrid of it, however everything I read says that the "corm/bulb" is tuber like where the rhizome on mine is very definately a "bulb" - brown, shaped like a tulip bulb, but with hard "stem" ends at the top(pointed) end.  Is there something I am missing somewhere or is this just a strange hybrid thing.

>>first has leaves that start out looking like a sword but then get MUCH 
bigger and "rippled", has a large , hard, brown onion shaped bulb on 
thebottom similar to the one on my Palm tree and the roots seem to come 
out through this.  Started off with leaves about 4-6" long, after a week 
they are now 12"+ and going strong and it has sent up 3 flower spikes 
each about 12' long.  


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