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[APD] RE: Fertilizing a new tank(when to start)

Jim Seidman asked:

"Robert, in your tanks what kind of NO3 concentration were you maintaining?
When I bumped my NO3 level from 1 ppm to 10 ppm, it produced a measurable
NH4 spike that lasted for days."

I aim roughly for 10 ppm, live with anything from 5-15.  The plenums during
run-in were lightly stocked (my normal situation actually) so had to be
supplemented with nitrogen anyway.  Once they kicked in the nitrogen
requirement jumped noticeably, whether planted or not.  When I started those
trials, the tap was zero nitrate.  During the trials they changed our water
supply to combine with water from the valley, we now run about 10 ppm from
the tap - separate additions are not as big a deal now, but the higher
nitrate is a PITA in unplanted, non-plenum tanks.  Those now have to have
larger partials due to not starting from zero in replacement water.

Did you have some reducing situation in the substrate? Peat (more than a
dusting) or lots of imported mulm?

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