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Re: [APD] Brush Algae

I don't know how old your heater is but I believe the Ebos
are all submersible. If yours is then it won't hurt it to
soak it in bleach. A few minutes ought to be plenty but
wait longer if it appears that the algae hasn't all turned
to an awfully faint color.

A 20% solution of household bleach in water should be
plenty strong enough.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- AuntieFran at comcast_net wrote:

> The following was taken from George Booth's article on
> algae, posted at:
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/articles/algae.htm
> "Brush algae
> "This grows in feathery black tufts 2-3 mm long and tends
> to collect on slower growing leaves like Anubias, some
> Echinodorus and other wide leaf plants. Also tends to
> collect on mechanical equipment. This is actually a red
> alga in the genus Audouinella (other names: Acrochaetium,
> Rhodochorton, Chantransia). It cannot easily be removed
> mechanically. Remove and discard the affected leaves.
> Equipment can be soaked in a 25% bleach solution, then
> scrubbed to remove the dead algae. Siamese Algae Eaters
> (Crossocheilus siamensis) are known to eat this algae and
> can keep it in check. A more drastic measure is treatment
> with copper."
> Now, my question: I've recently "acquired" some brush
> algae in two tanks; in each case it's growing on the
> Ebo-Jager heater. If I opt to soak the heaters in the 25%
> bleach solution, will that in any way harm the heater? I
> ask because it's growing at the top, really close to the
> control mechanism. Also, how long would they have to
> soak? I have a spare E-J 25W heater I could use in the
> 10G afflicted with this pest, but the other is a 50W in a
> 15T tank and I don't have a spare 50W.
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