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Re: [APD] Brush Algae

I use a 1:20 bleach dip for 5 minutes to clean algae off my heaters. I've been doing it for 3 years without any problems.

  Now, my question: I've recently "acquired" some brush algae in two tanks; in each case it's growing on the Ebo-Jager heater. If I opt to soak the heaters in the 25% bleach solution, will that in any way harm the heater? I ask because it's growing at the top, really close to the control mechanism. Also, how long would they have to soak? I have a spare E-J 25W heater I could use in the 10G afflicted with this pest, but the other is a 50W in a 15T tank and I don't have a spare 50W.
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