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[APD] Air Liquide CO2 refill on site

I recently had to get one of my 20 lb CO2 cylinders refilled. The local
welding supply outlet recommended I head over to a Air Liquide.

Air Liquide Canada Inc: 23231 Fraserwood Way, Richmond (604)677-4427.

Air Liquide actually does refilling and hydrostatic testing on site so I
was able to get my system back up and running with a minimum of down
time. I would recommend that you call before heading down since they
refill various gasses at different times and need to purge the
compressor before each new gas.

The cost was $33.70 Cdn plus taxes for a 20 lb cylinder. This includes a
$2.75 environmental fee.

This is a Canadian company and there are outlets in virtually every
major Canadian city. Try their website at <http://www.airliquide.com>
The company is international also servicing 65 countries including
Australia, USA, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. US coverage
includes 11 locations at this time including Alaska and Hawaii.

The big advantage is that I didn't have to exchange cylinders or wait a
week or more and make two trips.

One other note: be sure to remove your CO2 lines from the tanks as soon
as you see that the tank has gone empty. CO2 dissolves rapidly into
water and the water will work its way back up the lines right into the
regulator. Part of your daily maintenance is to check your tanks to
ensure that bubbles are going in and glance at the regulator pressure
gauges. You won't get much warning.

Steve Pushak

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