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Re: [APD] Re: Minimum light threshhold

Could be. What's not clear is whether the observances on
very small tanks has anything to do with minimum light
requirements. Before selecting a hypothesis, it's good to
rule out alternative explantions. bulb inefficiencies, lamp
inefficiences, refrection effects, goodness, there must be
lots of others.

I know my 15 gallon set up behaves just like my 150 gallon
as far as lighting goes. Same for my 12. Is there something
crucial that happens at 10g and below? Hmm, kinda doubt it.
I am more inclined to think that there are better and worse
ways to light a tank and that, with small tanks, the
paramters or more finicky.


--- SunflwrgrlS at aol_com wrote:

> I know I remember seeing a link somewhere that was
> purported Amano's, and that the light required actually
> INCREASED as the size of the tank decreased (only to an
> extent - I mean the smaller, nano tanks).  I wish I
> remembered where I saw that.
> I will offer my own experience as well -- I had a 2.5
> gallon hex tank with a 10 watt compact fluorescent screw
> in (not the spiral ones, but a nice, 6500 K one they
> offer at select Wal*marts, I LOVE them), and it certainly
> did not act like it had 4 watts per gallon over it.
> L.Repens, Wisteria, and stargrass did well, E. Tennulus
> did not ( I did have DIY CO2 going into it).  I've since
> broken it down.  
> I do think there is some truth(method) to Rex's madness. 
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