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[APD] Re: Minimum light threshhold

I know I remember seeing a link somewhere that was purported Amano's, and that the light required actually INCREASED as the size of the tank decreased (only to an extent - I mean the smaller, nano tanks).  I wish I remembered where I saw that.

I will offer my own experience as well -- I had a 2.5 gallon hex tank with a 10 watt compact fluorescent screw in (not the spiral ones, but a nice, 6500 K one they offer at select Wal*marts, I LOVE them), and it certainly did not act like it had 4 watts per gallon over it. L.Repens, Wisteria, and stargrass did well, E. Tennulus did not ( I did have DIY CO2 going into it).  I've since broken it down.  

I do think there is some truth(method) to Rex's madness.  
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