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Re: [APD] re minimum light threshold

Well, here we have to account for how illuminated a surface
is rather than just how much energy a light source consumes
or how much light it emits. A plant would need to be much
closer to a lower-level light source to receive as much
light as it would from a stronger source farther away
(other things being equal).

And we know right off the bat that no light is no good and
too much will burn the plants -- so we know there are
extreme minima and maxima. I think the question really is
whether there is any lineal relationship between the size
of an aquarium and the amount of light source energy
required for comparable growth rates. Seems to be it's
pretty darn linear but falls off the scale at one end.

--- James H <spreerider at gmail_com> wrote:

> i can assure you that there is a minimum light threshold,
> all plants
> require a set ammount of light to live and more to
> flourish, if you
> put a plant in a 3ft^3 dark room under a 3watt light it
> would not grow
> unless it is some sort of low light plant like some
> mosses.  now if
> you put the same plant in the 75ft^3 room under a 75watt
> light they
> would grow great or have too much light depending on the
> plant..
> the tank is like the room even if its small it will need
> the plants
> minium light intensity before it will grow,
> i have done this experiment outside of a tank on my
> orchids, the ones
> under the smaller light withered and the ones under the
> bright light
> in the larger room turned red as they had too much light.
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