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Re:[APD] java fern temporary situation..

> The water in the java ferns' temporary home has of course been treated
> for chlorine, and also has a very small amount of the two plant
> treatments I have been using (I think Flourish and Flourish Excel, one
> of them is a basic fertilizer and the other is a co2 additive).  It's
> sitting in an eastern facing window with 75% of the cold-sensitive
> houseplants we own :)   Is there anything more I can do for it to keep
> it happy in its time apart from the tank?

I think the Java Fern will be very happy as you have it.  A few years ago, I
received a large shipment of plants to stock a new tank.  The plants were
shipped in a Styrofoam cooler.  When I had finished, I had a few plants left
over, including a couple Java Ferns.  I temporarily put the cooler on the
back patio to get it out of the way, thinking I'd come back out shortly to
get the rest of the plants.

One month later :-)  I opened the cooler, which had been exposed to 100+ F.
temperatures here in the Arizona fall.  There was only about a half inch of
dark black water left in the cooler, and all the remaining plants had of
course long turned to mush in the dark heat.  All that is, except the Java
Fern, which appeared just fine.  I planted them in another tank and they are
growing there today, 3 years later.

I wouldn't recommend treating plants like that, but I guess the moral of the
story is that Java Fern is one tough plant species.   I think yours are
resting in a 5 star hotel by comparison to mine :-)

Terry S. in AZ

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