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[APD] java fern temporary situation..

hi all,

since I heard of bad effects with coppersafe and java fern I decided
to remove the fern while I was treating with coppersafe. I have it
sitting now in a (translucent) bucket of, I'm guessing, around 1
gallon. I also learned recently that java fern grows best attached to
something and certainly should not be buried in the gravel (which is
where I had it) so I decided to also take this opportunity to get it
attached to a rock.  I discovered as I was sorting it out to get the
fishing line around it (and the rock) that I actually have 3-4 plants,
and one group was separate enough from the other that I gently pulled
them apart and attached them at different places on the rock. 

The water in the java ferns' temporary home has of course been treated
for chlorine, and also has a very small amount of the two plant
treatments I have been using (I think Flourish and Flourish Excel, one
of them is a basic fertilizer and the other is a co2 additive).  It's
sitting in an eastern facing window with 75% of the cold-sensitive
houseplants we own :)   Is there anything more I can do for it to keep
it happy in its time apart from the tank? 

Also, and this is unrelated (and probably off topic for the list as
well) but one of the cardinal tetras I have been treating for ich has
come down with something else as well, and I was able to move him to a
1 1/2 gallon bucket and put an air tube on the side.  He's swimming
terribly - when I moved him (with 50% + water from the aquarium and
the rest treated tapwater) he was hanging listlessly near the bottom
of the tank and being picked on by the two other surviving cardinals,
and now he swims in circles and spins :(   Is there any hope for this
guy? I'm guessing he got a swim bladder infection of some kind as a
secondary infection from the ich. 

Thanks for your help,


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