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[APD] Re: MH lighting for a 35 galon tank

Jim wrote:
I'm seriously considering taking the top off altogether and hanging a MH
pendant over the tank. I figure a single pendant will work will well if I
center it over the hex, which is roughly two feet from side to side. I'm
thinking of something that looks like this:

Hi Jim,

I see no reason you should not use a 70 watt MH over your Hex. I have two
tanks with halides on them, and I love them. If cost is not an issue, then I
would tell you to go for it, especially if you can get a 55K or 65K bulb.
The ripple lines caused by the halides are a nice addition to the aquascape,
IMO. I even point the return up a bit for surface agitation to cause them,
but a little wasted CO2 is no big deal to me.

Another option that sounds like it would fit your tank is the compact
fluorescent Coralife Aqualight series. They make a single 24" long 65 watt
6700K (called Freshwater Aqualight) strip that would fit your tank (you say
it is roughly 2 ft. long). They also make a single 96 watt "Quad Tube"
fixture that is only 20" x 7.25" in 6700K. This one would definitely fit
your Hex. The link below has pics and prices. No endorsement of this MO
company, although that price seems pretty nice. Just for illustration. Just
note the other "Quad Tube" listed that is 1/2 actinic and stay away from
that one.

I believe either option would work well for you. The only caution is that I
don't know exactly how much benefit you'll see in your plant growth without
supplemental CO2.  Probably some, but of course not as much as with the
other parts of the equation (good light/CO2/supplements). The tank will
definitely have enough light, though!


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