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Re: [APD] RE: MH lighting for 35 gallon tank

Your top is a plastic cover with a rectanglualr opening for
light, right? Consider, for not too much money you could
replace the top with a hinge strip and some plate glass cut
to size. This would give you more options instead of
shining through the rectangle.

If a MH that's easily obtained is too much light, you could
always reduce the light by blocking some of the light or
coating the reflector to be less reflective -- or raising
the light, etc.

Fyi, MH bulbs can be expensive, especially specialty types.
McMaster-Carr (Mcmaster.com) list MHs down to 50 watts and
notes recommended ballasts.

Scott H.
--- Jim Seidman <james at mail1_seidman.net> wrote:

>  . . As I mentioned, part of the problem is that the hex 
> top
> includes a
> rectangular window for the light to shine through. This
> creates a strange
> lighting pattern that leaves the front and back poorly
> illuminated,
> especially as you get closer to the top. . .

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