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[APD] Too many plants -- Part 3: Final Chapter

Thanks again to all who have made suggestions and offered advice. Many of
you were right... The problem was that I didn't have a strong enough air
pump to move the water. I was using a puny one, even when I had moved it to
the center of the tank (away from the dense collection of vallisnaria that
I'd started it in) it still wasn't enough.

So now I'm going to slowly go back to the "right" way -- I'll turn on my
CO2, I'll turn off the oxygen during the day, I'll begin fertilizing again,
and I will eliminate some of the plants and replace them with some higher
oxygen producers and maybe a few fast-growers.

Thanks again for helping me avert this building disaster! My prize rainbows
are well again, and my mood is soaring once again!

I learned something, too. "Pumping in oxygen" does nothing. It's that water
movement! That makes a whole lot of sense and will definitely impact the way
that I set up and handle tanks in the future.


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