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Re: [APD] Too many plants -- Part 3: Final Chapter

You can get more water movement from a small inexpensive
powerhead than an air pump that uses a comparable amount of
electricity. You might try one of those.
Good luck, good fun, and good to see George posting again
Scott H.
--- Kevin Sheller <kevmo at aplants_com> wrote:

> Thanks again to all who have made suggestions and offered
> advice. Many of
> you were right... The problem was that I didn't have a
> strong enough air
> pump to move the water. I was using a puny one, even when
> I had moved it to
> the center of the tank (away from the dense collection of
> vallisnaria that
> I'd started it in) it still wasn't enough.
> So now I'm going to slowly go back to the "right" way --
> I'll turn on my
> CO2, I'll turn off the oxygen during the day, I'll begin
> fertilizing again,
> and I will eliminate some of the plants and replace them
> with some higher
> oxygen producers and maybe a few fast-growers.
> Thanks again for helping me avert this building disaster!
> My prize rainbows
> are well again, and my mood is soaring once again!
> I learned something, too. "Pumping in oxygen" does
> nothing. It's that water
> movement! That makes a whole lot of sense and will
> definitely impact the way
> that I set up and handle tanks in the future.

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