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Re: [APD] Off Topic: re Aquarium Sealant

The small amount you're going to use won't hurt you. But it
might not make for a very good seal. If you apply it and
install the fitting then let the silicone cure, the
silicone won't be under any pressure and will make a poor
gasket, escpeically for a water bottle spigot that is
subjected to lateral forces from different directions -- or
as an engineer would say, it gets pushed about a lot ;-)

Better to run to Home Depot or Lowes and find a rubber
gasket (or even an O-ring) that fits.

However, if you feel that silicone is theway you want to
go, then *don't* tighten the spigot all the way until after
the silicone has cured -- just tighten it mostly all the
way -- about a quarter turn back. About a day later, when
the silicone is at full strength, come back and tighten the
fitting all the way. This will compress the hardened
silicone and make for a more reliable seal. That's how we
used to seal floor drains and shower pan drains back in my
tile settin' days :-)

Scott H.
--- NYCMags <heavensabvus1 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> I have a 5 gallon glass water jar with a spigot that
> has a slow drip.  Would it be appropriate and safe to
> use some sealant around the spigot?  I assume it's
> nontoxic as the fish are ok but would it also be ok
> for a vessel that holds drinking water?

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