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[APD] MTS graveyard

Hello Everyone,
                       I would first like to give thanks again to all who helped me decide on a glass tank. I recently purchased a 210 gallon Oceanic & beautiful pine stand ( A little spooky to put that much water on pine ) I also purchased an Eheim 2260, this is without a doubt, the largest canister filter I have ever seen. Almost 5 gallon media capacity!! The tank is 7' x 2' x 2' which are the same dimensions as a 180 gallon but 1 foot longer. I had originally wanted a tank 8' x 30" x 30" which would have approx 375 gallon capacity but that tank will have to wait. A friend who helped get the tank in the house asked what kind of tank I had gotten. I replied "a Ford". To which he responded "Ford makes fish tanks?" I said "This tank was afFORDable"  <hehe>  The tank is up and running at its temporary home in my fathers basement. No room for a tank like that in a third floor apt! I am going to look at a house today so maybe I will have plants in this tank sooner than I thought. This winter the pond fish will come inside. 

                       I also would like to thank everyone who made suggestions for my new pressurized Co2 system. I hope to have all the components soon. What prompted me to write this morning was a disturbing find in my 55 gallon tank. This tank is my current favorite as it is fully engulfed with more than 12 varieties of plants. Very little real estate left uncovered and only a small area of open water in the middle of the tank. This tank is also teeming with fish of many shapes and sizes, some of which I do not see more than twice a month and some are only seen under the moonlights. Some of you will remember a post I made a while back regarding my need for MTS. Thanks to Wilma Duncan and Ann Viverette, Their generosity provided me with almost more snails than I knew what to do with. For a while there were so many snails that you would see them during the daylight hours. Gradually, I noticed less and less of the snails until there were no snails visible while the lights were on. In this time however, I saw only a few empty shells. I generally pay very little attention to the snails as I think of them more as employees than actual residents of the tank so it wasn't until the other night, while watching the fish under the moonlights, that I realized there were so few snails wandering around. I did not become alarmed until this morning while doing a little pruning/maintenance. I found what can only be described as an MTS graveyard. I counted over 40 empty shells in this little back alley area of the tank beside some driftwood. Now I know the shells did not drift there on the current because I know the current does not travel in that direction. The primary resident of this area is an Asian bumblebee cat. He is very rarely seen and in order to entice him into view, I must manually place bloodworms at the entrance of the alley because none find their way there on the current. He and his friends, a large group of various loaches, have apparently opened a resturaunt in this area specializing in escargo.

                        Upon further inspection of this area, I found another handful of shells. I can only assume that either this particular spot is where all MTS travel, like pilgrims to Mecca, or the fish are bringing the snails to this spot because they just taste better there. At any rate, I am wondering if anyone else has ever encountered a similar graveyard in any of their tanks.    

                                                                                                              Thanks,  Mike
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