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Re: [APD] Re: Lighting

That's right. You've got it. Use actinics if the coloring
pleases you or use shop lights if you need to conserve
cash. You'll need more of either of those because the
output generally is lower than some of the triphospor,
broad spectrum power compact fluorescents on the market.
Buy from a dealer you can trust and you can't go wrong.

And then don't take things too far the other way thinking
that watts per gallon make all the diff. In the range of
about 2 wpg is fine for most purposes. Go higher if you you
have some particularly light-craving plant or if you like
cleaning and pruning more often ;-)

If you don't want to replace bulbs too often, get closer
but not more than 3 wpg. They'll be a little bright onthe
high side to start but close enough and willremain good
enough for a year or two.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Lief Brittan Youngs <liefy at yahoo_com> wrote:

> This all said. What kind of lighting is best for growth
> in an aquarium using florescent lighting? Is it the plant
> growth bulbs? Full spetrum sunlight bulbs? or just plain
> florescent bulbs from any lighting store? How do we
> analyze bulbs when comparing them? Is there a measurement
> that is best? (Kelvins, watts, etc.) It seems that what
> was said is that the color of the bulb doesn't really
> matter as much as the watts per gallon. Is this true?
> Lief Youngs

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