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[APD] Electronic ballasts


I'm coming out of lurking mode to ask a question about Magnetek Triad Electronic ballasts. I am thinking of retrofitting my AGA twin tube strip light -36 inch T-8- to a triple tube electronic fixture. The ballast recommended by my companies supplier is: B332I120RH for $22.00. This ballast will run three F25T8 lamps. Voltage 120. Line current 0.60 Amps. Input Power 68 watts. Power Factor >.95. Ballast Factor 0.92. Ballast Efficiency Factor 1.35. THD <20%. Min. Start Temp 0 F. 9.5 inch long, 2.40 inch wide, 1.55 inch high.

The question is: how does this compare with ballasts available in LFS that cost in the range of $50 to $80? I don't want to mention any brand names. Am I really getting something worthwhile by buying one sold for the Marine hobby compared to this Magnetek Triad ballast?

The next question is: will Triton T8 lamps light up and work properly with an electronic ballast? I am currently using them on the AGA which has magnetic ballasts and starters.


Jerry Smith in Bloomingdale, NJ, USA

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