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[APD] Amano Style tank delivered

Amano Style tank delivered
I placed an order for a custom tank with the following requirements from aquariumobsessed.com,
20 R 
-Starphire glass
-Diamond edge (minimal silicone in the corners)
-No trim
-No top brace (four sided)
-Clear Sealant
-Thickness of the glass similar to the picture
Starphire on all 4 sides, 24x13x16
$399.00 USD delivered.
I heard about the company on reef central.  The only problem that people mentioned is that the tanks took awhile to arrive.  The quote I got from oceanic was $1000 for the same tank. So I placed the order knowing that it would take awhile to get the tank.
Order was placed April 28, 2004
Order was received on September 3, 2004
The tank was exactly what I wanted.  I've been using acrylic tanks because I am really impressed with the clarity.  But scratching an acrylic tank that you spent $100 on can be really painful.  Starphire gives you the clarity of acrylic with the durability of glass. Aquarium Obsessed makes an incredible tank, and I think a lot of planted tank people will be satisfied with this Amano replica.

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