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Re: [APD] Electronic ballasts

Jerry Smith at jerrytheplater at hotmail_com wrote:

> The ballast 
> recommended by my companies supplier is: B332I120RH for $22.00. This ballast
> will run three F25T8 lamps. Voltage 120. Line current 0.60 Amps. Input Power
> 68 watts. Power Factor >.95. Ballast Factor 0.92. Ballast Efficiency Factor
> 1.35. THD <20%. Min. Start Temp 0 F. 9.5 inch long, 2.40 inch wide, 1.55
> inch high.
> The question is: how does this compare with ballasts available in LFS that
> cost in the range of $50 to $80?

I see no reason to spend $50 on a 3-lamp ballast. Efficiency is good, but
warranties matter more, IMO. I've had a couple of electronic ballasts burn
out in less than a year. They might not be as efficient, but you could buy 3
of those Triad ballasts for every one of those LFS ballasts.

> The next question is: will Triton T8 lamps light up and work properly with
> an electronic ballast?

Yes, but I see no reason to use those either.  :)

Dan Dixon

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