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Re: [APD] DIY Light

This should be enough info to show yu the basics on how to
construct a hood. Adapt the measurments for your own

Hint: Just measure two pieces of wood and cutting them with
a handsaw or circular saw usually won't gaurantee that the
two pieces are the very same length. If the lengths vary,
your "box" will not fit together squarely. Using a tablesaw
is the best way to ensure that all pieces that supposed to
be the same length actually are cut to the very same
length. But if you don't have a tablesaw, then instead you
can use masking table to bundle together pieces for cutting
so that they are cut to the same length.

HInt 2: whether you use nails or screws to join pieces,
apply a bead of woodglue to the surfaces to be mated.
Titebond II is a very good brand of such glue and holds up
very well to moisture.




And, of course, Erik Olson's thekrib.com is a useful


And more are listed here on thekrib.com:


Hope that helps,
Scott H.
--- Lief Brittan Youngs <liefy at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of any good websites that have plans for
> DIY light fictures? . . .

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