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Re: [APD] Hanna pH meter

The Milwaukee is a very reliable monitor. the Pinpoint
allows calibration and readings down to 0.01 units, so the
precision is about plus or minus 0.01 or 0.02, more than
you really need for aquatic gardening.

Understand that the chemical electrodes/probes for pH
meters deteriorate with age whether in use or not. The
Pinpoint and Milwaukee types half a useful lifespan of
about 1 -2 years.

As they get older, they need to be calibrated more often
and it takes longer to calibrate, until they won't reliable
hold a calibration. The cost of the probe is a major part
of the total cost of the unit.

The one you cite from Ebay, the Checker 1 model, which has
0.01 resolution and is rated for 0.02 units accuracy when
properly calibrated, has a replaceable electrode. You might
want to shop around for the cost or replacement Hanna H
1270 electrode.

Hanna makes a number of inexpensive units and some
"desktop/portable" units with refillable electrodes, which
might save one money in the long run, compared to
replacement of the elctrode

Scott H.
Scott H.
--- Clint Brearley <clint_brearley at telstra_com> wrote:

> Has anyone got anything good or bad to say about the
> following pH meter?
> I'm thinking about getting one. Seems pretty reasonable
> for $25. I can probably "borrow" pH buffers from work to
> calibrate it. Also any suggestions on better
> value/quality meters would be nice.
> Cheers
> Clint
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