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Re: [APD] DIY Light

Partial response:

If you have that many bulbs and want to squeeze in another
15 watts of the same type bulb, you're not going to get
much diff.  The bulbs crowding probably will be blocking
much of the light output.

Instead, consider swapping out the existing bulbs for a
single 55 watt power compact. This will be quite noticeably
more light than you have how. If one of your exiting hoods
can fit more than one T12 bulb, then you could fit a pair
fo 55 watts PCs into that and get into the highlight, fast
growth, be careful range of lighting. A specular reflector
rather than a white plastic one will make a big diff too.
Hellolights.com sell parts. Ahsupply.com sell parts and
plans for swapping out lights from a commerical hood and
replacing with an AHS kit.

--- Lief Brittan Youngs <liefy at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of any good websites that have plans for
> DIY light fictures? I have a 30 gal extra high and I have
> two light fictures totalling 3 bulbs and 45 watts. There
> is
> no space for more lights and I would like to add another
> 15
> watts. I feel it would make the plants grow better,
> especially the more delicate ones.
> Lief
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