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[APD] Substrate Questions, contimued

I recently set up a soil substrate aquarium.  Following the advice that I
received here and elsewhere, I determined that 360 cubic inches of top soil
would be required to provide one inch of dry substrate in the 30 inch by 12
inch aquarium..

I poured that amount into a pail, soaked it for several days, changing some
of the water four times to get rid of the foam and floating objects, and
then added it to the aquarium, having first added a few handfuls of peat and
a good amount of mulm.  I added about an inch or so of 2mm -3mm gravel over

The mulm-peat-wet topsoil substrate is less than 1/2 inch think.   Does that
sound right?   I find that I can move plants around without any worry of
stirring up the soil, unlike the experiences of others, so I am wondering.


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