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[APD] skip or trim

I think it would be easier for each poster to trim unnecessary
information from their postings rather than to have several thousand
folks needlessly downloading and manually paging & scanning ahead.

Sometimes there is relevant information from a previous posting that we
want to make reference to but I think most of us quite painstakingly
trim it down and paraphrase to keep that to the bare minimum.

Some suggest that its easier to skip than complain. If you can't be
bothered to trim, then perhaps you shouldn't complain if others complain
about your lack of trimming. Complaining about complaints seems counter
productive if not slightly "hypocritical" (for lack of a less
insensitive adjective). :-)

I'm not singling anyone out and I hope I offend no one. Its free advice
and well, you know what free advice is worth. ;-)

Steve P in rainy Vancouver

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