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Re: [APD] Possible CO2 poisoning

I resisted the temptation to enter the thread for too long ;)
Anyway I do not know too much about fish biology but know a lot about
mammals and humans. CO2 is a natural regulator of breathing, blood chemistry
and blood flow. Excess of CO2 in the blood stream triggers a natural reflex
of inhaling. Also excess CO2 depletes buffers of blood chemicals that
prevent a shift of the pH of the blood, dilates blood vessels of the brain
(triggering a headache next day) alters hemoglobin ability to transport
oxygen... (and 5 more boring pages on homeostasis). Anyway sudden increase
of CO2 concentration is potentially harmful. However slower raise in CO2
content should be tolerated easier because regulatory mechanism will have a
chance to adapt. I would not say though that a few hours is enough. I have
only about 20 ppm normally and when I add new fish I usually go to 10 ppm
for at least a week (decrease slowly and increase slowly). Yes I had BGA pop
up once but EM tablets took care of it. This way I did not loose a fish due
to acclimatization.

> > This sounds to me CO2 poisoning (is this the right discription?), some
> > fish are more senstive to CO2 than others. I usually spend at least 2
> > hours to slowly adjust the fish to my tank's 30 ppm CO2 level, I use an
> > pH probe to monitor the process. Since I found that some torlerate CO2
> > very well while some (or even some individual) don't torlerate at all.

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