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[APD] Possible CO2 poisoning

> This sounds to me CO2 poisoning (is this the right discription?), some
> fish are more senstive to CO2 than others. I usually spend at least 2
> hours to slowly adjust the fish to my tank's 30 ppm CO2 level, I use an
> pH probe to monitor the process. Since I found that some torlerate CO2
> very well while some (or even some individual) don't torlerate at all.

> Thanks
> Kenneth

I think you've hit on a very plausible theory. The fish in question 
appeared almost stunned and unable to function when they were placed in 
the tank water. What lulled me into a false sense of security was the ease 
with which the previous batch of fish had adjusted to the same tank. 
Again, let me point out that the two batches of fish were from 2 different 
pet stores, located in two different towns. The Pristellas are still 
frolicking around the tank while 3 of the Rummynose have gone to fish 

> Good points. I don't think a real level of 30 ppm is
> harmfull, or even 40. But given that things other than
> carbonates can affect pH, margin of error in measurements
> (especially on one is using color-match pH test kit, the
> real CO2 level can be considerably higher or lower than
> what we impute using the CO2/pH/KH table. While anything in
> the 15-30 ppm is probably pretty good, and anything up to
> 40 is very tolerable, at least for most fish, monitoring as
> one ramps up the CO2 is a very prudent suggestion.

No argument about that at all, but the CO2 wasn't being ramped up. It was 
at a level that one group of fish were very happy with,(Pristellas) while 
the newly introduced Rummynoses began dying off rather quickly, either 
because of the CO2 level or some other reason. Is there such a thing as 
CO2 shock?  

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