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Re: [APD] Paintball CO2 - interest?

Research is one thing I'm not lacking :) Yes, overall its more expensive in the long term than any other presurized system, probably still beats DIY CO2 though (sugar gets expensive over time too).

There are many out there that have asked over the years about using the paintball CO2 bottles for planted aquaria - I admit I was one of them. Generally the answers been given "their CO2 is different, contains oil" (untrue - industrial CO2 just like ours), or you'll never find a regulator that fits.

For some, the tank purchase, or lease contracts become a problem - lack of credit card or are unsure of long term need. Some just don't have industrial gas places within reasonable distance. Multiple tanks in different areas of a rented house/apartment can also result in being unable to run a CO2 line from one area to another.

I'm sure like the aquaria world, refills range in prices - and one can find savings by hunting for the cheapest refill place. I was told in some places a 20/24oz bottle can be refilled for 1-3$, but I was using the prices I had seen locally (5-10$) not trying to mislead anyone.


-- Scott H <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
Sounds like you've done some homework on this.

But I think some careful shopping can get you started with
a "regular" system for as little money if you don't insist
on premium parts, which arent necesary, and you don't pay
thos fish store prices that are unreasonably high.

But the long term cost makes this more expensive than any
other option. The diff in cost might not be realized for
several years if you have only a small aquarium and good
CO2 retention. But if yo have several aquaria or large
aquaria, those refill prices are gonna get you.

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