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[APD] RE: Give Up

You could try the Amano Method for acclimation: put the fish into a bucket and using airline tubing with a valve attached slowly add water from the tank to the bucket. Time the drip to last about 1hr and at the end of the hr introduce the fish to the tank. amano demonstrated this at a seminar he gave at a petshop some 15 odd yrs ago and I've been using it ever since. Never lost a fish due to adding to a tank in years.

Just wish i could say the same for other instances.

John, I have to agree with Ken Simolo that it isn't pH shock. I have also
transferred fish between different pHs with no problem. Also, fish in sealed
bags often wind up at a pH of 6 or less because of the CO2 being generated.

My guess is ammonia poisoning from a much-too-long acclimation period. I
suspect that the pH in the bag wasn't nearly as high as you suspect, since
CO2 can dissipate out rather quickly. The pH in an open bag can rise a fair
amount over time, converting ammonium into ammonia.

The rather knowledgeable LFS owner who sold me my first tank insisted that
fish should be acclimated for more than 20 minutes, but never more than
that. However, I've discovered over the years that I have the best success
skipping acclimation altogether. I just dump the fish straight from the bag
into my quarantine tank with no floating, water mixing, etc.

I'm sure some people will be aghast over this suggestion, but it works well
for me!

- Jim

Ed in Japan
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