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Re: [APD] Re: Can one just give up? -- or - Gettin' down

Ways to slow down a brewer (or active yeast) CO2 supply:

Changing the depth at which the CO2 is released,
using a much smaller yeast bottle (which you also may have
to be changed more often), 

what amounts to about the same thing, changing less of the
water and settled contents each time your brewer stops
bubbling (leaving a higher alcohol content in the bottle
which will probably reduce slow the critters down -- after
all, it eventually slows them enough that the brewer stops

using a yeast that is less active at the ambient
temperatures you have. You can find wine yeasts that prefer
all sorts of diff temp ranges;

adding baking soda; 

Increasing the sugar, which becomes somewhat toxic to the

Take the CO2 line out of the tank at night and put it back
in morning.

use a solenoid (an electromagnetically actuated valve) on a
timer or pH controller to bleed off some of the CO2.

Get a second aquarium and feed the CO2 into both tanks --
this will cut the CO2 effect in half if they are the same
size aquaria.

Leave some fish store catalogues laying around near the
yeast bottle, open to the compressed CO2 equipment pages --
maybe the yeast will start behaving better if they know
they can be replaced.

leaving the lights on so that they don't multiply (naw,
they're beyond embarassment).

I must have left out a bunch of stuff. Tarah Nyberg, are
you out there?

Scott H.

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

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