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RE: [APD] Can one just give up?

You need to reduce the CO2 injection rate.

Not sure how this is done with a DIY setup.  On a pressurized setup one
usually uses a bubble counter and then fine tunes the bubble rate with a
needle valve.  Or a pH controller which turns the CO2 off and on (via a
solenoid) depending on the desired pH that you set.

I would hesitate to use some type of valve on a DIY to reduce the output
because you will put backpressure into the DIY bottle, risking it
breaking/exploding and then yeast will be everywhere...

If you're using more than one bottle of DIY than you could try removing one.


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So How do I get it up there and hold it there?


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> Definitely sounds like pH shock.  If the LFS water was around a pH of 7,
> that's already 10 times more base than a pH of 6.  If the LFS water was
> around 8, that means your water was one hundred times more acidic than the
> water in the bag.
> At a KH of 4 and a pH of 6, your CO2 level was actually around 120ppm.  I
> would target a pH of around 6.7 to give you a CO2 level of 24-25ppm.
> Not sure whether a CO2 level of 120ppm would have that affect on fish,
> especially that quickly.  In fact, I've never heard of fish dying because
> too high a level of CO2.
> So I would go with pH shock.
> And no, don't give up! :-)
> Laith
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> Man oh Man,
> Ok.. I'm now 52 today... I have wanted a gorgous planed tank since I was
> probably 15 or 16.. so that is a lot of yearning...
> I have had fish kill off after fish kill of the last few months...
> damn man...
> I thought I had it under control.. last water change.. no die offs... no
> looking stressed ( livestock I am talking about) and the plants looking
> best I have ever had!!! I was actually starting to prune for shape!! So
> then... I go to the LFS store tonight.. buy 3 Clown loaches... 3
> $50! It's my friggin birthday.. so who gives a rip right?
> I come home.. carefully add float them..wait 1/2 hour add 20% water...
> 1/2 hour.. add 20% more water.. wait anthother 1/2 hour.. add 20% more
> water.. wait another 1/2 hour.. go to release them and the rainbows are
> dead... the clowns are looking like they are ready to go... and I am
> myself if it is worth it to have a planted tank!
> Checked the water...
> GH 8
> Kh 4
> Ph.. 6!
> Ammonia 0
> but get this.. Co2 over 30PPM... I stopped at 20...
> Have DYI Co2... going into a RUGF... since doing this the plants have
> off like crazy....
> I should have checked the Ph... but I didn't.. everyone in the tank was
> doing well... Kissing Gouramis, Pearl Gourami, Zebra Danios, Rams, Red
> shark and cory cat fish.....
> KH and GH seems that is should have been high enough to buffer the water
> the CO2 wouln't bring the PH down that far...
> So.. I changed 20 % water... with aged treated water ( With Prime) that
> been standing 3 days...water was stored in Bottled Water Bottles.....
> the CO2 off....
> Now I have Ph 6.2
> KH  5
> CO2 still over 30 PPM
> So.. old fish still looking great and healthy... new fish gone....(maybe
> clown is going to pull throuh.. :-) )  from I am sure the PH change from
> to 6.0 in my tank...
> Any advise for a frustrated dumb sh**?
> John Van Rees

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