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[APD] Re: Can one just give up?

I personally would be amazed if it was pH shock. i have literally taken thousands of fish and switched them numerous times between pH 6.2 and pH 8.3 water with never a problem. My guess is either osmotic shock (significantly different conductivity of the water) or ammonia. I open the bag, immediately check the conductivity, then match a small quarantine tank with water within 50% of that conductivity reading. For tropical fish, I do not even worry about matching temperatures by floating the bag. When matching the shipping water, I use RO water to lower the conductivity of my stock water and salt and/or hard well water to raise it. Then you can slowly adjust the conductivity of the water over a few weeks to match your main tank's parameters. I almost never take a fish from a LFS and add it directly to an established tank. The chances of disease transmission are just to great. The one store that I occasionally violate this rule with is fish from The Fish Place. I will add those fish to an established tank if it is a tank I do not mind taking a few risks with.

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