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[APD] Re: Frurry swords

"Hi All

I have two tanks, a 30 and 35 gallon. Both tanks have similar plants and fish. I use the "Barr Method" with DIY CO2 and all plants are growing well in both tanks. The 30 gallon has 60 watts and the 35 gallon has 90 watts of light.
My only problem is with the swords in the 35 gallon tank. Some of the leaves have a coat of algae? that feels like fur or felt. No signs of any other algae. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this algae would be appreciated.


In a word, CO2.
See DIY and check your pH throughout a day peroid and also a week or Brew change peroid, you will find you do NOT have 20ppm to 30ppm range.

This issue causes perhaps 80-90% of all algae issues, the rest stem from NH4 from fish loads/not enough plants/not enough GH/NO3/PO4 etc.

Getting the nutrients right is fairly easy, maintaining good CO2 methods/levels through time(day, week, month etc) is difficult for the DIY'er and sometimes for the gas tank CO2 user as well.

Working on a good CO2 will improve growth of the plants and can typically be further tweaked in most tanks.
This will yield the best results of anything you wish to tweak and is one of the most basic things after light.

Once that's dealt with, the rest is fairly straight fowrd and routine.

Tom Barr 

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