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[APD] Flourite vs. Soil

James Purchase Wrote:
"Don't sweat the details, use what you have on hand or can locate locally.
Experience will be your best teacher. Patience is a virtue every aquatic
gardener ought to have."

Good Lord, aint that the truth! :)
I'm at the point in my aquatic gardening journey where experimenting is just a must for me, especially with different soils as here in South Africa there are zero Substrates for sale :( So as you say, you just have to do the best with what you have and be patient :) I have oodles of patience and its nice to just observe a planted tank happily trundling along. I've just purchased a new 5 footer tank which will be the new home for my Tanganyikans, the old tank will now OBVIOUSLY be converted into a small planted jungle, I plan to use the finer red soil as mentioned in the previous post. James, thanks for the detailed answer to my questions, most appreciated. I've just found Steve's site, loads of reading there for me to do :) Cheers and have a fantastic day...

Kindest Regards
Cameron James
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