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[APD] Re: Tsuh Yang

You can meet me there if you want Tsuh. I'm back in CA now for good. 
So email me off list.

I can show you the natural and the LFS and folks in the SFBAAPS group that are around here. 

Albany Aquarium is located on San Pablo Ave in Albany. Take the Central Ave exit and go down 3 blocks on your right, they are closed Thursday.
I'll be heading over there Wed afternoon sometime. 

Tom Barr

"Behalf Of piaba
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 7:49 AM
To: AQPL; aquaria-l
Subject: [APD] Oakland/Albany store

hi all,

i'll be in SF this week.  what's the name of the store
that everybody recommends and raves about, it's
located in oakland or albany.  thanks.

tsuh yang"

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