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[APD] RE:filter or pumpr

Hi John,

You wrote:
> I was experiencing signficant clogging, often within minutes after cleaning
> out the Mixer J.  This was true even right after cleaning out the cannister
> filter.  It's the same stringy brown gunk that I've recently asked about.
> The stuff seems to accumulate in the cannister, in the heater module and in
> the hoses.
and earlier you wrote:
> I read
> on the APD that every surface in the tank is a biological filter.  So, over
> time, I've gradually removed all the elements that make it a filter, i.e.
> the little ceramic tubes, the various baskets for media, and even the four
> sponge filters.

What was the chain of events here? Were you having a gunk problem before or
after you removed all the filter elements?

I'm thinking that the beneficial bacteria population which your system
supports is suffering from a lack of real estate. They are only able to live
on the surfaces which you have left for them; namely, the canister, the
heater module and the hoses. Colonies may be so crowded that they are
existing piggy-back on top of one another. From there, it's easy to suggest
a couple of mechanisms which might cause the gunk to break free
Hope this helps,  :)

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