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[APD] RE: plant fest

>Sorry Ricky that you abandoned us to get driftwood. You would be 
>surprised to find out how much we got for free after you left. 

>Yes, you missed out pal. I know what was at that other place. Another
close miss if >you had stayed another 5 minutes you would have made out
better and then we >went and found a lot more. I had beat people back
from taking all the wood we >found. Wait till you see the piece I found
for free. It is incredible. Not sure if I can >sell it or not!


Life is a series of forks in the road isn't it? Trust me it was the one
less traveled and I saw parts of Florida I never would have seen without
Jonathan as the GWAPA excursion guide. The main highlight was the Arse
Bluff and River. Florida Aquatic Nurseries was very cool. Plus, I found
some "modular" driftwood at Tom's.


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