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[APD] RE: Plant fest

> I'm now back in Cleveland and as Tom mentioned, exhausted!  I just
> wanted to say thanks again to Tom for orchestrating.  I had a lot of
> fun and saw more examples than I can afford to set up :)

> Thanks, Tom.  It was great to put faces to the names you see on the
> list.  It was nice to meet everyone.

> Scott/beaker

You bet Scott. 
Glad you had fun and got to see a ton of weed infested waters, more
driftwood than you could shake a stick at and lots of fish.
Pictures will be posted sometime this week perhaps. There should be some
good pics this time.
So if you want worn out, come on down to the next plant fest. I promise
that you will enjoy it and be all pooped out at the end. 
Our days start at 8 am and end typically around 10pm.
So you get a full day's experience.
Scott's burnt, worn to the nub, and has a bunch of wood and plants. 
Collecting is half the fun, getting it for free is the other half of the

If folks want to do something other than the planned trip, I will do that
Airboat rides cost a fair amount, but these can be arranged.
Best way to see plants in the deeper swamp.
A trip to Florida Aquatic Nurseries or Suwannee labs or Dr Kane's micro
tissue culture lab can also be added. 
But I think the folks will get no sleep or we would have to make the trip 4
days then.

Tom Barr

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