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Re: [APD] Carbonate shortage? -- or - Carbon carbn everywhere, even in books

Tom's post on this thread is a great summary on
carbon/carbonates and low tech tanks -- I prefer to call
them slow grow tanks because a bottle of gas and a
springloaded valve (regulator) doesn't seem very high as
tech goes.

Diana's book discusses a lot about plant chemistry/nutrient
needs, all in an extraordinarily accessible way. It's done
in the context of a slow grow tank but the basic principles
apply in a general way -- it's jsut that more light, more
CO2, more nutrients generally yields more plant growth in a
given period. If you're into aquatic gardening, I think you
owe it to your self to get a hold of a copy -- it isn't a
typical hobby book -- i.e., not a collection of postcard
photos with very little info -- instead it's full of info
with few pics. Many refer back to it often.

While I'm on the subject of books:
If an aquatic gardener bought only two books, I'd recommend
Diana's and Christel Kasselmann's _Aquatic Plants_. Almost
everyting else is just embellishment, a information
shortfall (compared to these), or too darn academic to
holds most folks interest.

Scott H.
--- Daniel Larsson <defdac at hotmail_com> wrote:
> > I'll note an exception to the no-water change policy.
> > Anyway, very few water changes. Diana Walstad, in her
> book,
> > _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_ describes in very
> good
> > detail how to set up an aquarium without high light
> levels
> > and added CO2 and only small additions of water to make
> up
> > for evaporation. As I recall, she changes the water
> maybe
> > once every few months.
> It's this low-tech-approach I was hinting at of course.
> I'm
> trying a setup now, but I didn't know she used extra CO2
> (except from CO2-substrate production).
> Extra CO2 I guess takes away the carbonate-usage
> and thusly the KH will stay the same.
> But it would be cool trying carbonate-usage-only, and
> that
> approach would mean regular water changes to avoid
> KH going to low? Or would it be possible to feed
> carbonates
> in some other way? 
> I've read somewhere in the APD that Crypts are pretty
> bad at  using carbonates. Is this true?
> // Daniel.
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