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[APD] ROE for Lighting and CO2

On I go with my flurry of questions...

I have a 15 gal. (US) tank which I am planning on planting quite heavily,
although I have a feeling the lighting provided by the current hood I have
is not going to be enough to support that many plants.  I am taking care to
choose lower light plants as much as possible.  The hood supports one 15watt
T8 fluorescent, and I'm looking around for the right kind of bulb that will
provide the best spectrum coverage.  I'm also lining the inside of the hood
with reflective material to direct as much light as possible into the tank
(instead of into the black plastic).  The tank is 14" deep.  Yes, I do plan
on getting a better lighting strip in the future, but I am a not so wealthy

As for CO2, how much CO2 is good for a 15 gallon tank?  Is it
bubbles/minute?  I have an aquaclear power filter, so the surface turbulence
is not too high.  I was also thinking of getting the Plant-Gro bubble
counter diffuser, which seems like one of the better gadgets out there for
it and seems to work really well.  Oh, and it's also a DIY sugar/yeast

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated by the Nervous Newbie!
B. (aka N.N.)

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