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Re: [APD] Carbonate shortage?

> I'll note an exception to the no-water change policy.
> Anyway, very few water changes. Diana Walstad, in her book,
> _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_ describes in very good
> detail how to set up an aquarium without high light levels
> and added CO2 and only small additions of water to make up
> for evaporation. As I recall, she changes the water maybe
> once every few months.

It's this low-tech-approach I was hinting at of course. I'm
trying a setup now, but I didn't know she used extra CO2
(except from CO2-substrate production).

Extra CO2 I guess takes away the carbonate-usage
and thusly the KH will stay the same.

But it would be cool trying carbonate-usage-only, and that
approach would mean regular water changes to avoid
KH going to low? Or would it be possible to feed carbonates
in some other way? 

I've read somewhere in the APD that Crypts are pretty
bad at  using carbonates. Is this true?

// Daniel.
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