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[APD] Re: Question about Use of Chemical Filtration Media in Planted Tanks

I have a question about the use of chemical filtration media in planted tanks 
that I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out with.  Is it 
advisable to use chemical filtration media such as activated carbon, Boyd 
Enterprise's Chemi-Pure, Bio Chem Zorb, or Nitra-Zorb, etc., etc., and products like 
that, in heavily planted tanks?  Wouldn't that eliminate or remove most of the 
trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids, found in commercial plant fertilizers 
such as Seachem's Flourish, or products like that?  Or would it be advisable 
instead in the filtration system for heavily planted tanks to just leave out 
the chemical filtration and to just rely on mechanical filtration and 
biological filtration instead?  Any opinions would be appreciated.  

Leroy C.

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