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[APD] RE: Chemical filtration

>I have a question about the use of chemical filtration media in planted
>that I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out with.  Is it 
>advisable to use chemical filtration media such as activated carbon, Boyd 
>Enterprise's Chemi-Pure, Bio Chem Zorb, or Nitra-Zorb, etc., etc., and
products like 
>that, in heavily planted tanks?  Wouldn't that eliminate or remove most of
>?trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids, found in commercial plant
>such as Seachem's Flourish, or products like that?  Or would it be
>instead in the filtration system for heavily planted tanks to just leave
>the chemical filtration and to just rely on mechanical filtration and 
>biological filtration instead?  Any opinions would be appreciated.  
>Leroy C.

The plants _are_ the filter.

They use wetlands to treat sewage and other wastewaters. 
We add NO3, PO4 and traces, the plants remove them.
Plants can remove heavy metals, toxic waste, all sorts of useful things to
for environmental clean up.

You do not need any chemical removers in a planted tank ever.
All you do is take care of the plant's needs and the plants are happy, this
makes the fish happy and that makes you happy and your life simple.
Try selling plants vs spent NO3 removing resin sometime also.  
Plants look better also:-)

Tom Barr

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