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[APD] Re: pH at which CaCO3 dissolves

Scott wrote:

> Speed was mentioned but it's not clear to me what speed has
> to do with it at all.

Oh.  So you don't care if it takes, um,  30 years to dissolve?  Most people 
want chemicals to dissolve right away when they mix them with water.

> And I wouldn't mind hearing an answer to Cheri's question
> either. I can piece to gether a few possible answers based
> on the recent discussion, or the archives, but . . .

Unfortunately Cheri didn't provide enough information to justify a more 
detailed answer than she can get from reading recent posts.  We would need to 
know the calcium content of her water -- at least the hardness would help -- 
and it would be good to know what kind of heater she has to clean all the 
time and where on the heater the deposits form.

Roger Miller
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